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Guy food, poker food, event food – poker games, football games, barbeques, any event where guys get together and want good food. Get great recipes and easy directions to cook the food you love.

Guys who like to cook are always looking for a recipe for their next event – poker game, Super Bowl party, barbeque, beer tasting, scotch tasting, bourbon tasting, tequila tasting, cigar night, whatever excuse guys make up to get together. And when you get together, you want to eat. You want something good, usually something spicy, something you can cook that you won’t ruin if you make some simple mistake. In other words: Guy food. Food that guys want to cook for guys that like to eat guy food. It usually comes in one pot, but not necessarily. A lot of times it’s on the grill. Or in the smoker. Or in the oven. You want an idea what to serve, how to prep it, how to cook it, simple instructions and tips on how to do it all. This is the place. Cookin’ With Roscoe.

Yes, cooking is fun. At least it should be. Like Emeril says, it ain’t rocket science. But we all need help once in a while, if only to figure out what it is we want to cook up for any particular event.

Check in for new recipes and ideas and opinions and instructions and a lot of gas about cooking and having a good time. Unless you just want to order a pizza. Not that there’s anything wrong with ordering pizza. Pizza is quite possibly the greatest food ever invented. But while it’s certainly fun to eat a pizza, it’s even more fun to make one and then eat it.

That’s what this site is about: making food that’s fun to eat. A great big sausage pot, gumbo, burgers, dogs (not just your everyday hot dog, dogs steamed in beer and garlic and Worcestershire and then grilled). Ribs, meatloaf, meatballs, sandwiches, stew, soups and chowders. And pizza. Once you make your own pizza, you’ll never order one again. Okay, you probably will. But it won’t be nearly as much fun.