Roscoe’s Caribbean Style Hot Dog

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Hot dogs, buns, cheese, BBQ sauce, onions, garlic beer, mustard, tomato jam, pineapple, pickled cucumbers

This Ain’t No Coney Dog

Yes, you’ve heard that before from the Cookin’ With Roscoe kitchens, and you’ll hear it again. No greasy chili, no skimpy little hot dog. Roscoe goes all the way, and this is it.

What Do You Mean, Caribbean Style?

What it means, is… light and fruity. And we’re not talking about any Chicago style throw a whole pickle on he dog and drown out the taste of it, either. Just subtle tomato, cucumber, and… pineapple.

Yes, Pineapple

On a hot dog? Hey, pineapple goes with pork, doesn’t it? So chop up some fresh pineapple or get it out of a can if you have to, and get ready for some fun, which is, after all, what a hot dog should be.

Steam the Dogs in Beer

Okay, how can this be bad? Make a slit in each dog, kind of like you make a pocket in a pork chop or a chicken breast, not all the way through. Saute’ some red onion and garlic in a little olive oil, then add some Worcestershire and Cholula, then throw in the dogs, then cover with beer. (Roscoe’s Health Note: be sure to taste the beer before you add it to the pot, you want to make sure it’s okay. Then double check, take another sip or two, just to be sure.) You can let this go on low for at least an hour, or until you finish a couple of beers.

Slather in BBQ Sauce

Put the dogs on a hot grill, let ’em brown up, and slather on your favorite BBQ sauce, making sure to get some in the pocket you created for the beer simmer.

Cheddar Cheese on the Toasted Bun

Then you can assemble the dog — honey mustard along one side, tomato jam along the other, chopped pineapple and pickled cucumbers on top.

Serve With Black Beans

Doctor ’em up yourself, add some red onion, wine, and BBQ sauce, and you’ve got a Caribbean Style hot dog feast. And remember, you heard it here, cause you’re…

Cookin’ With Roscoe

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