Pitmaster’s Death Muffin

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Ingredients: Serves 10

3 lbs. bulk pork sausage

1 1/2 lbs. bacon

Cheddar cheese

English Muffins

Blackberry Jam


Cayenne, BBQ rub, Maple syrup

Worth Dying For?

You hear the phrase “To die for” an awful lot when people talk about food. And in most cases it’s overused. Really, who wants “to die for” some chicken breast drizzled with truffle oil, or even an ice cream sundae smothered with Sanders chocolate sauce. And yet, they tell you they would.

What It Really Means

When someone says “to die for,” it usually means that what you’re eating is so rich, has so many calories, so much fat content, and is so big that you literally will probably die if you finish it, but that it tastes so good that it’s worth it.

Well, This Is

It’s a breakfast sandwich that, if it doesn’t kill you, will get you through the day without lunch, propel you through the afternoon, and have you sliding easily into a light dinner (okay, half that sliding will be from guilt, but who’s gonna bust us?).

Pork, More Pork, Egg, and Bread

With a little blackberry jam thrown in for sweetness. And when this was described, there was only one response — How can that be bad? And truth be told, it’s fantastic. An Egg McMuffin on steroids. What the Earl of Sandwich really meant to do when he put meat between bread. he just didn’t know it. Now we all do.

Here’s What You Do

Form your breakfast sausage into a big patty. Cook up about 6 slices of bacon, lay it on top of the breakfast sausage, sprinkle on BBQ rub, and roll it. Wrap the roll in the rest of your bacon (basket weave style), then cover with more BBQ rub, cayenne, and Maple syrup.

Into The Smoker

For 3 hours. Take it out, let it cool, then wrap it and fridge it overnight.

Slice It Up

About 1/2 to 3/4, maybe an inch thick, depending on how soon you want to croak. Place slices on cookie sheet with parchment paper, then into the oven for 30 minutes at 350 to heat. Top with sharp cheddar to melt at the end.


Lightly toasted English muffin on bottom, blackberry jam, meat patty, fried egg, muffin on top.

Have Defibrillator Ready

Or at least have someone who cares standing by to call 911, just in case. But hey, you probably won’t need it, and you’ll never have a better breakfast.

Cause You’re Cookin With Roscoe

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