Roscoe’s Baby Back Tacos

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Rib meat – removed from bones and chopped
Tortillas – Corn or flour, crispy
Pepper Jack cheese – 1 slice per taco (optional)
Slaw – Whatever your favorite is
Options – Guacamole, sliced or diced avocado, salsa

This Ain’t No McRib

Baby Backs! As far as Roscoe is concerned, they should be their own food group. Whether you smoke ’em or roast ’em and finish on the grill, ribs are some serious good eatin’.

You Hardly Ever Have Leftovers

But on that rare occasion when you do, say you got a bunch of slabs on sale and didn’t want to freeze any (who would?) and you had people over for a Sunday Rib Extravaganza and your mother and your sister could only eat maybe a half slab apiece when you allocated a whole slab to each (okay, in reality, women almost never eat a whole slab of ribs, at least when people are watching), and now, because of that lapse in judgment (yeah, right), you find yourself with… extra ribs!

And You Call That A Problem?

No way. Having ribs left over is like winning the lottery, because now you can make…

Baby Back Tacos

Anyone who knows Roscoe should’ve? seen this coming. If you’ve been on this site before you’ve seen fish tacos of every kind, chicken tacos, and of course, pulled pork tacos. This is another variation, but maybe the best one.

Make It The Way You Like It

You all know one of Roscoe’s favorite guidelines (there are no rules in cooking, only guidelines): Eat what you like. It certainly applies here, insofar as the way to prepare your Baby Back Tacos. The only required part is the rib meat (and even there you could substitute beef ribs, or the larger pork ribs if that’s what you have left over). Meaning, of course, that you can use your own favorite BBQ sauce, cheese, cole slaw, or other toppings. What sets this taco apart from all others is the rib meat.

Ribs on slab

The Ribs

You’ll find that it’s easier to remove the meat from the bones if you pop it in the microwave for 30 seconds or so. Then chop it up and mix with your favorite sauce. Roscoe recommends a Bourbon mustard BBQ sauce, but again, use what you like. Roscoe’s Note: don’t throw away those bones! Rib bones make some of the best stock ever.

The Slaw

Buy or make your favorite, it’s that easy. Some people like a mayonaise based slaw, some like a vinegar based. They both have their merits on a rib taco. If you’re putting out a taco bar for your guests, why not have both, and let people decide for themselves. Roscoe’s recommendation: whichever slaw you serve, try some chopped raisins and nuts mixed in for added sweetness and crunch.

Crispy tortillas

The Tortillas

Roscoe recommends corn, but hey, if you like flour, go for it. Just be sure you crisp them up on a grill, a griddle or in a pan, a little olive oil gives added flavor.


Crispy tortilla… pepper jack cheese (optional)… a spoonful (or two) of the rib meat… slaw. Roscoe’s Note: Slaw is actually optional as well. You can just fold up the tortilla with meat and suck it down like that, or you can put stuff on top, like guacamole, or plain avocado slices, salsa, just about anything you like.

You Can’t Go Wrong…

No matter what you put on a Baby Back Taco. If your ribs were good, your taco will be good. Just remember where you heard about it…

‘Cause You’re Cookin’ With Roscoe

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