More Carnitas Tacos: With Black Beans

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Pulled Pork
Can Black Beans
Red onion
Red pepper
Spicy Brown Mustard
Tortillas – Corn or flour, or both
Pepper Jack Cheese
Olive oil, Worcestershire, Cholula
Green onion

You Just Can’t Get Enough Pulled Pork

Pork Butts went on sale again and you had no choice, you had to buy a couple. Totally understandable (at $.97 a pound, you ought to fill a truck with ’em). And you smoked ’em up, or roasted ’em (for those who don’t have a smoker; hey, it happens), and you’ve followed Roscoe’s recipe for Carnitas Tacos, and now you want to try a slight variation. Well, Roscoe’s with you all the way. After all, variety is the spice of life, right after Cholula.

Black Beans: Canned or From Scratch

Maybe you don’t have the time or the inclination at this particular point in time to make your beans from scratch. No problem, that’s why they invented cans. And Roscoe’s going to tell you how to cook those canned beans up so you won’t even know where they came from.

Start With Roscoe’s Trinity

Olive oil, Worcestershire, and Cholula. You can’t go wrong. Dice up some onion and maybe some red pepper, celery if you like, and saute’ it in the trinity. A glug of red or white wine (or beer, if you choose, you’re probably drinking one anyway) and some seasonings of your choice and you’re ready for the beans. Drain the liquid out of the can, then dump the beans in the pan and let it heat up. Mix it all around a few times and you’re there. Don’t even tell anyone about the can, they won’t know the difference.

Beans and pork mixed together

Beans and pork mixed together

You’ve Pulled the Pork

You can either saute’ it with some red onion and garlic and barbecue sauce, or leave it pure. Either way, it’s gonna be good, just mix in your favorite barbecue sauce and some mustard (a spicy brown is good here) and let it simmer till it’s all warm and melded together, then mix the beans and the pork together in whatever ratio you think is right (Roscoe tried about 1/3 beans to 2/3 pork, and it worked pretty well).

Grill Your Tortillas

Oil ’em up and heat ’em on the grill real quick (get a couple of good grillmarks for looks), pop a slice of pepper jack cheese on the final side, let it melt a second or two, and then fill your tortillas with the beans and pork mixture. Sprinkle some chopped green onion over the top, and/or some chopped cilantro, and maybe a little salsa.

Heaven Is A Pulled Pork Taco

When You’re Cookin’ With Roscoe

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