Roscoe’s Mother’s Day Rib Fest

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Baby Backs

Baby Backs


ribs – baby backs, figure at least 1/2 slab per person

seasoning – make up your own dry rub with salt, pepper, chili powder, garlic, paprika, etc. etc., and Cholula (yes, it comes in powder form, too)

BBQ sauce – use your favorite (Chicken Shack sells it by the gallon, if you’re in the Detroit area, if not, Catleman’s is good, so is Tony Roma’s, available in most grocery stores, or make your own and share the recipe with us)

tin foil – get a new roll, you don’t want to run out.

Mother’s Day

There are a lot of great places to take your Mom for brunch or dinner, and if that’s what makes her happy, go for it. Take her to a great place like Ernie’s, where everything is delicious, and the service is great. Who wouldn’t like that? Or..

You Can Make Her Proud

Tell your Mom you’ll cook for her yourself. You’ve probably been talking about all the stuff you’re making for your buddies, what with your new membership to Club Roscoe, and maybe she believes it, maybe she doesn’t. So prove it. And just because it’s your Mom doesn’t mean you have to cook some fou-fou fancy-assed hard to make and even harder to want to eat girly food. Have her over for brunch, and you can really fake everyone out by roasting and grilling up…


Baby backs can’t be beat on a Sunday in May, and your Mom will probably think you snuck out to the local Rib Shack and you’re just pretending you really cooked them. Except they’ll be better than anything you could order out. And even if your Mom never believes you did it yourself (yes, all those lies you told her when you were a kid are hard to get over), hey, she’s your Mom, she loves you anyway.

But You Don’t Have A Smoker

Don’t even worry about it. That’s why God invented ovens and barbeques. And tin foil. And as long as you’ve got those three things (we’re not counting the ribs, the ribs are a given here, along with the Cholula), you’re in business. And once she tastes your ribs, you’ll be the best son she ever had. Just don’t forget to get her a card, even great ribs won’t smooth that over.

Here’s What You Do:


Remove the membrane

Remove the membrane from the back of the rack. A sharp knife helps here, slide it under that almost invisible sheet of unbelievably annoying silverskin until you’ve loosened enough to rip the whole thing off (it can be slippery, so feel free to grab it with a paper towel; if it’s hard to get from one end, score a line down the middle with a butter knife, then pull toward each end). Sometimes the membrane comes off in one pull, sometimes it’s a struggle. That’s why they invented beer. Be sure you have some handy. (To drink, dummy, don’t waste good beer on the membrane, it won’t help it come off).

Foil Is Your Friend


Wet and dry rubs

Lay the rack of ribs on a generous sheet of foil. Spread your dry rub on the rack, rub it in on both sides, then do the same with some BBQ sauce. Seal the foil, not tightly, leaving plenty of room for the rack to slide around, and put it in the fridge for at least a couple hours, overnight is better.

The Rest Is Easy

Take the foil pack out about a half hour before you’re ready to put it in the oven, set the temp at 300. It’s best to place your foil packs on a baking sheet or in a shallow roasting pan, in case anything leaks.

3 Hours Later… It’s Grill Time


So tender they fall apart

Take the ribs out of the foil, crisp ’em up on the grill, brushing on more BBQ sauce.

Serve on a nice platter (hey, it’s Mother’s Day) along with the sides of your choice – cole slaw, sweet potato fries, or whatever you know your Mom likes, and some good rolls.

Keep Lots of Napkins Handy

Try not to get sauce all over your face, not even your Mom wants to see that. And be sure to tell her…

Happy Mother’s Day From Roscoe.

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