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Roscoe Ripped Off!

First It Was Rachael Ray She came to the Auto Show in Detroit, and the next thing you know she’s making Kielbasa Reubens. But don’t take this the wrong way, that’s why we love Rachael Ray. She doesn’t just do girly food, she does food everyone will like (like Roscoe does). Plus, she’s cute, so […]

Roscoe’s Red Wings

Ingredients: Chicken wings, jumbo size – at least a dozen red spices – Cholula powder, smoked paprika, cayenne, Old Bay, chili powder For Marinade: Olive oil, Worcestershire, chili Lime Cholula For Glaze: Cherry jelly or preserves, Bourbon, Red pepper mustard, Pepper jelly Sharp knife Hot grill This Ain’t No Hockey Team Like hockey fans (especially […]

Wings – No Buffalo Ever Wrote A Recipe

WINGS Is there anybody that doesn’t like chicken wings? Maybe. But why would we want to know them? Think of the mindset of a person who doesn’t like wings: she’d have to be an extremely picky eater. She’d have to be someone who’s afraid to get her fingers a little greasy and her face a […]