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Cooking For Men – There’s No Shame In Opening A Can

Roscoe’s First Rule: There Are No Rules Only guidelines. Yes, we say never cook with water, because water has no taste, therefore it can’t make your food taste good. So maybe we start with a little water (for pasta or rice) and add Worcestershire, Cholula, and a bouillon cube or two, kinda like that parable […]

Roscoe’s Crab Bruschetta

Ingredients: 1 can crab meat (6 oz.) Handful cherry tomatoes (halved) Can artichoke hearts red onion (a couple spoonfuls chopped) green onion (chopped) optional pita bread olive oil, garlic, Cholula (mixed together) pecorino romano A Christmas Eve Appetizer Christmas Eve dinner at Roscoe’s is a seafood extravaganza, and what better way to start the night […]

Salmon Tacos Take The Title!

A Fish Taco For Everyone So now we’ve discovered, through the diligence of the Club Roscoe Test Kitchens, that just about every kind of fish will make a good fish taco. Not every fish is good for grilling, though, so if you like Cod, you’re better off frying or baking. Same goes for Trout or […]

Roscoe’s Shrimp and Pasta Recipe for Love

Ingredients: About a dozen good sized shrimp, peeled and deveined 1 can (8 oz) chopped or diced tomatoes 2 cloves garlic a couple shallots, chopped, or 1/2 red onion 1/2 lb whole wheat cappellini Pecorino Romano cheese olive oil, Cholula, Worcestershire Wine (red or white for shrimp) Italian herbs Red Wine (for dinner) Garlic Bread […]

Oysters: The Recipe For Love

THE FIRST OYSTER There’s no real record of the first guy to ever eat an oyster. Just as well. Do we really need to know about some half-starved cave man who probably ripped his fingernails apart trying to get the darned thing open before he got so frustrated that he just hammered it with a […]

Grilled Catfish

Ingredients: Catfish fillets Olive Oil Cholula Spices – Old Bay, Ancho, Cholula, salt and pepper Sweet Potato Salsa Roscoe Doesn’t Deep Fry You don’t need breading or coating or crust, that cover of flour that usually makes your fish real crispy but then that’s all you can taste. Catfish tastes too good to disguise it. […]

Grilled Scallops

Yes, You Can Tell someone you’re grilling scallops and they look at you funny. “You mean, on the barbecue?” Yes, the same BBQ you use to grill up your dogs and burgers and steaks and chicken and pizza (see Roscoe’s Grilled Pita Pizza). Just because they’re delicate and mysterious doesn’t mean you can’t grill ’em. […]

Grilled Sockeye Salmon

Salmon – 1 piece per person olive oil, Worcestershire, Cholula Salt and pepper, Old Bay, smoked paprika Glaze – preserves, bourbon, brown sugar, honey mustard Cave Men Ate Fish In fact, it was easier for the Cave Dude to catch a fish than it was to trap a baby Bronto. Brontos were a lot smarter […]