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Smoked Turkey – Not Just For Thanksgiving

Ingredients: 12-14 lb. turkey olive oil, Worcestershire, Cholula seasoning (Roscoe recommends Montreal Steak seasoning) brown sugar, pineapple juice, Cholula BBQ sauce (optional) Smoker (wood chips of your choice) Turkeys Must Hate Thanksgiving For obvious reasons. Or maybe not. Maybe they look forward to it like a little kid looking forward to his birthday, can’t wait […]

Sweet Potato Turkey Hash

Ingredients: Leftover turkey – chopped up Leftover sweet potatoes – diced Red onion Garlic Olive oil, Worcestershire, and Cholula It’s A Natural Turkey and sweet potatoes go together like peanut butter and jelly, at least at Roscoe’s house. So if you’ve got both left over from your great Thanksgiving dinner, and you don’t want the […]

Sandy’s Mexican Fiesta

The Menu: Turkey Mole’ Roasted Chicken Enchiladas Carne’ Asada tacos Grilled Quesadillas Carnitas Beans and Rice Guacamole And for Dessert: Grilled Chocolate Quesadillas topped with pina colada ice and vanilla ice cream! Roscoe Was There We all know Roscoe’s lament on the paucity of good Mexican restaurants in the Detroit area. And don’t start talking […]

Roscoe’s Red Wings

Ingredients: Chicken wings, jumbo size – at least a dozen red spices – Cholula powder, smoked paprika, cayenne, Old Bay, chili powder For Marinade: Olive oil, Worcestershire, chili Lime Cholula For Glaze: Cherry jelly or preserves, Bourbon, Red pepper mustard, Pepper jelly Sharp knife Hot grill This Ain’t No Hockey Team Like hockey fans (especially […]

Roscoe’s Roasted Chicken – The Alternative Recipe

You’re in the mood for chicken (hey, it happens). And you just happen to have a chicken on hand, and you think – Beer Can Chicken! So you go to the fridge, pull out the chicken, and a bottle of beer… wait, you need a can! You rummage around the fridge… no can of beer. […]

Wings – No Buffalo Ever Wrote A Recipe

WINGS Is there anybody that doesn’t like chicken wings? Maybe. But why would we want to know them? Think of the mindset of a person who doesn’t like wings: she’d have to be an extremely picky eater. She’d have to be someone who’s afraid to get her fingers a little greasy and her face a […]

Super Bowl Sunday

BIGGER THAN CHRISTMAS? MAYBE SO Quite possibly the greatest event of the year for guys, good food is a must. Mandatory. No question about it. And even though more pizza is sold and delivered on this day than any other, Roscoe believes in cooking up something special for this holy day. Even if it’s a […]

Super Bowl Sunday – Everybody Wins With Roscoe’s Gumbo Recipe

Let’s face it, next to the beer bottle, the beer can is one of the world’s great inventions. But up until now, there’s been only one use for it. Well, two, actually: to store beer and to drink out of. But imagine this: along came some enterprising beer drinker -had to be- who found another […]