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Roscoe’s Red Beans and Rice

Ingredients: 1 bag small red beans (16 oz.) 1 red onion – chopped 1 red pepper – chopped 3-5 cloves garlic – chopped Beer or broth or beer and broth (enough to cover your beans) olive oil, Worcestershire, Cholula 1 ham hock 1 link kielbasa (or your favorite sausage, or use a mixture of sausages) […]

Roscoe’s Hot Dog Extravaganza

Ingredients: 12 dogs (at least) – preferably Kowalski Stadium Kielbasas or Eckrich Little Kielbasas Good rolls – scooped 1 red onion – chopped or sliced 4-5 cloves garlic – chopped olive oil Worcestershire Cholula salt and pepper 1 big pot Hot Dogs ARE America Americans eat more hot dogs on holidays like Memorial Day and […]

Shark Bait Wins Recipe Of The Month!

Chef Boy First To Win! Yes, it’s official. After hundreds of submissions, thousands of hours in the Club Roscoe Test Kitchens, Chef Boy’s recipe for brisket, affectionately called “Shark Bait” for it’s indication of size (big), and it’s tendency to attract carnivores. The Sauce Makes It No offense to any brisket lovers out there, but […]

Roscoe’s Roasted Chicken – The Alternative Recipe

You’re in the mood for chicken (hey, it happens). And you just happen to have a chicken on hand, and you think – Beer Can Chicken! So you go to the fridge, pull out the chicken, and a bottle of beer… wait, you need a can! You rummage around the fridge… no can of beer. […]

Roscoe’s 1 Beer Chunky/Spicey Guacamole Recipe

It all starts with a beer (preferably Mexican). Crack it open, take a sip, begin: 2-3 ripe avocados (soft but not mushy) 2-3 garlic cloves (minced) green onion (chopped fine) red onion (chopped fine) tomato (1/4 -1/2) (seeded and chopped) cilantro (a few chopped sprinkles) salsa salt pepper smoked paprika chopped jalapenos (optional) cayenne (optional) […]

The Roscoe – The Best Corned Beef Sandwich Recipe

You’ve heard of the Reuben. Well, this is the Roscoe. You’ll probably see it on menus across the country from now on. Ingredients: Corned Beef – it all starts here. Get a medium hunk of meat – 3-4 lbs. – from your butcher or grocer. Roscoe’s Red Cabbage – see Roscoe’s Polish Burger for the […]

Beer Style of the Moment: Scotch Ale

People often ask me, “Jon, what’s your favorite beer?” I politely smile and respond, “Whatever I’m drinking at the moment.” What better way to grease the wheels of barbecue than with a pint of deliciously rich Scotch Ale. People have been talking about beer and food pairings for years now, though certain styles tend to […]

An Introduction to Better Beer

“I don’t like beer.” How many times have you heard those four filthy words uttered? I lost count years ago. The sad thing is, many people actually believe that they don’t like beer! Chances are, these poor souls have yet to be introduced to Better Beers, unique beverages of character and distinction that are actually […]