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Roscoe’s Mother’s Day Rib Fest

Ingredients: ribs – baby backs, figure at least 1/2 slab per person seasoning – make up your own dry rub with salt, pepper, chili powder, garlic, paprika, etc. etc., and Cholula (yes, it comes in powder form, too) BBQ sauce – use your favorite (Chicken Shack sells it by the gallon, if you’re in the […]

Smoked Turkey – Not Just For Thanksgiving

Ingredients: 12-14 lb. turkey olive oil, Worcestershire, Cholula seasoning (Roscoe recommends Montreal Steak seasoning) brown sugar, pineapple juice, Cholula BBQ sauce (optional) Smoker (wood chips of your choice) Turkeys Must Hate Thanksgiving For obvious reasons. Or maybe not. Maybe they look forward to it like a little kid looking forward to his birthday, can’t wait […]

The First Meatloaf – History According to Roscoe

Which Came Second? Historians have long debated the Cave Man’s second meal, as it is universally agreed that the first was a salad, fruits and vegetables being easy to gather and eat raw, especially since fire hadn’t been invented yet to cook them. They didn’t even need a bowl, which was a good thing, because […]

Roscoe’s Caribbean Style Hot Dog

Ingredients: Hot dogs, buns, cheese, BBQ sauce, onions, garlic beer, mustard, tomato jam, pineapple, pickled cucumbers This Ain’t No Coney Dog Yes, you’ve heard that before from the Cookin’ With Roscoe kitchens, and you’ll hear it again. No greasy chili, no skimpy little hot dog. Roscoe goes all the way, and this is it. What […]

Pitmaster’s Death Muffin

Ingredients: Serves 10 3 lbs. bulk pork sausage 1 1/2 lbs. bacon Cheddar cheese English Muffins Blackberry Jam Eggs Cayenne, BBQ rub, Maple syrup Worth Dying For? You hear the phrase “To die for” an awful lot when people talk about food. And in most cases it’s overused. Really, who wants “to die for” some […]

The First Handyman (History According to Roscoe)

Cave Men Did Repairs You wouldn’t think a Cave Man had to fix much in the cave, but you’d be wrong. Even though the floors were dirt (Pergo hadn’t been invented yet), and the ceilings were made of rock (shingles were a long way off), they always had leaks. And since buckets hadn’t been invented […]

Another Cave Man Spring – More History According to Roscoe

Cooped Up All Winter At least we’ve got TV. What do you think the Cave Man did all winter in that cave while the frigid air howled and the snow fell and the ice formed (this was all before Global Warming, of course, because Al Gore hadn’t been invented yet, or rather, born). No cable, […]

Roscoe’s Mac and Cheese Pizza (with the Secret Ingredient)

You’ve Already Heard of It Of course you have, who hasn’t? And let’s face it, it’s a whacky idea, but when it comes right down to it, putting two of your favorite foods together so you can eat them both at the same time, well… How Can That Be Bad? Plenty of Recipes Out There […]