About Roscoe

Roscoe has an interesting history. What makes it interesting is that is is currently not completely known, sometimes even to himself. What we do know is that he loves to cook and he loves to keep it simple and he wants to bring his knowledge of cooking to you. He’ll make it fun, he’ll make it easy and you will make it taste great.

There are stories:

Some say Roscoe learned to cook in the French Foreign Legion, was loved and revered by the soldiers he fed until a vicious salmonella outbreak (for which he was not at fault) forced him to resign.

They say he then travelled West, was sighted in Hollywood, California, where there are rumors of run-ins with famous actors and a director or two. He’s said to have written and directed movies, though there is no screen credit given to anyone named only… Roscoe.

They say his heart was broken by a beautiful woman, though the reality is that it was probably more than one.

The latest rumor is that he’s settled in Michigan, for now, biding his time until life takes a turn he can navigate.

Said to be a simple man, Roscoe wishes to share his ideas with the world, and until another, perhaps bigger and better venue presents itself, the internet seems the most appropriate place to do it.

Now everyone can be… “Cookin’ With Roscoe.”

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